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-- Anthony Leong (Melbourne, Australia)

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Top 20 Best Sellers for the past month

    1. Various Artists - Tensegrity CD [txt19]
    2. David Morley - Sanctum CD [AD1411]
    3. Fatal Tangent - Cenotaph CD [AD1410]
    4. SND - Tplay (Special Extended Edition) 2xLP [SND1SE]
        Pye Corner Audio - The Black Mist EP 12 inch [FANDF031EP]
        Clap! Clap! - Tayi Bebba 2xLP [ACRE006LP]
        SND - newtables (Special Extended Edition) 2xLP [SND2SE]
        Rang'Ala - New Recordings from Siaya County, Kenya: Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo= Women's Group 2x10 inch [HJR070LP]
        Prurient - Cocaine Death LP [HOS410LP]
        Snd - travelog (Special Extended Edition) 2xLP [SND3SE]
        Matt Dunning - The Stirring Of A Thousand Bells DVD [SF094]
        Various Artists - The Travelling Archive, Folk Music From Bengal: Field Recordings From Bangladesh, India And The Bengali Diaspora LP [SF092]
        Various Artists - Folk Music Of The Sahel Vol. 1 2xLP [SF090]
        Various Artists - A Distant Invitation: Street & Ceremonial Recordings From Burma, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia And Thailand LP [SF093]
        Taylor Deupree - Lost & Compiled CD [12k2030]
        Various Artists - Passages (framed by Nova) CD [inre068]
        Various Artists - Oxycanta III (Curated by Mahiane) CD [inre056]
        Reagenz - The Periodic Table CD [BK010CD]
  19. Hey Colossus - In Black and Gold CD [LAUNCH077CD]
        Vladislav Delay - Visa CD [RIPATTI009CD]

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Latest Customer Reviews

Time Spent - Mystery & Meaning (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
A pleasing ambient journey of synths, tribal rhythms, delicate melodies and powerful songs...

Burial Tree - Rituals (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
Starts off mellow, atmospheric and really interesting...

Tibetan Red - Narrative Spaces (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
High-pitched drones...

Martin Kuchen - The Lie & The Orphanage (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
I am pretty enthusiastic about this disc...

Denis Kolokol - Proud To Be Loud (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
There is a wide variety of soundscapes found on this disc...

Marc Behrens - Apparatus (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
This is a totally fantastic release for those that like odd sounds and a complete lack of musicality...

Marinos Koutsomichalis - Peripatetic (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
This is a sound journey through many cities, all blended together...

Z'ev - Live in Athens (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
Recorded in 2010...

Batuhan Bozkurt - Laconicism (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
This runs as an app on my mac, not a music CD...

Marinos Koutsomichalis - Trevor Jones Studio Sessions (Don Poe, EAR/Rational Staff Reviewer)
Drones and air...